Asian Investment Banking

VSA Capital opened its Shanghai office in 2017, having developed strong relationships over many years with companies, investors and advisers throughout mainland China, Hong Kong and South East Asia.

Our presence in Shanghai enables us to act as a committed, reliable, long term partner and adviser to local Chinese enterprises and multinationals. Furthermore, our extensive knowledge and experience within Chinese markets provides us with the unique ability to aid Western Companies looking to explore the significant potential of markets in Greater China and South East Asia.

Our team provides a broad range of advisory and broking services with extensive experience advising on a variety of public and private transactions across a range of sectors of specific interest to China’s “One Belt One Road” policy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

VSA Capital regularly provides specialist advice and guidance on all aspects of public and private M&A. The team has experience advising on both buy- and sell-side transactions for a wide variety of clients in a broad range of sectors.

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– We provide senior-level service and attention to our clients by leveraging our extensive expertise and worldwide relationship in cross border M&A;

– We assist client companies to build professional teams including law firms and accounting firms, due diligence, corporate analysis and valuation, financing, transaction structure design, negotiation and filings to regulatory body till close;

– During the execution, we communicate with relevant parties according to process and key considerations to coordinate the transaction.

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Feizhou Zheng

Chief Operations Officer

Capital Raising

With access to large and varied pools of capital VSA Capital is well placed to provide expertise and insight to help determine appropriate fundraising options and structures based on each individual transaction.

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As a reliable advisor, VSA Capital Shanghai has a significant expertise in designing structure and financing plan:

– We originate, structure, and execute equity, equity-linked, and debt financings for our clients in public capital markets and alternative capital markets. Meanwhile, we provide independent solution for our clients in order to avoid conflict of interest when debt issuance and autonomous investment.

– We manage complex issues throughout the overall financing projects for clients to improve financial flexibility in the long term.

– VSA Capital Shanghai maintains an active network of public companies, private equity and hedge funds.


Based on VSA Capital ‘s extensive relationship with London Stock Exchange and network of Chinese companies which are actively seeking for overseas IPO, VSA Capital Shanghai is well prepared to provide the professional IPO advisory services for our Asian clients.

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Considering strict approval requirements and narrow stock market in China, companies are looking for overseas IPO.

– Overseas IPO has a lower barrier to entry, more transparent regulations which can accelerate the internationalization of companies.

– VSA Capital Shanghai has extensive expertises in guidance services in overseas IPO. VSA Capital Limited is a member of the London Stock Exchange(“LSE”). The former chairman of LSE served as senior advisor role in VSA Capital.

– VSA has a strong partnership worldwide which provide IPO advisory for various international capital markets (i.e. US, Singapore and Australia).