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Moshe Capital


Moshe Capital (Established 2013) is a South African investment advisory company which partners with Global companies to create and support the next generation of prosperous African-led businesses.​ The Moshe team specialise in mergers and acquisitions, fund raising (debt/equity capital markets) and strategy development.

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Pure Reports

Pure Reports is an independent ICO report company based in the city of London and have over 40 years financial markets experience within the team analysing IPO’s, Bond new issues and more recently ICO’s. They look to write easy to read, impartial summary reports on upcoming ICO’s including their own set of criteria to help investors make an informed decision by reading something that has been written independently to the ICO team. They then look to continue coverage of the ICO’s progress usually quarterly as to how the plans are progressing vs roadmap’s and other milestones. Their research is independent and prized by ICO Management teams to provide insight on how to build investor confidence in their offering. Pure Reports research notes are free and accessible via their website.

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Head of Mining Fund Management & Investment Advisory