Andrew MonkChief Executive Officer


Andrew has enjoyed a successful investment banking career spanning power 30 years, during which time he has nurtured strong relationships with many major UK and International institutions as well as Corporate clients. He was employed by Hoare Govett ABN AMRO for 11 years before founding Oriel Securities (with the backing of Vitol) from scratch as Joint CEO. Oriel grew under his leadership to employ nearly 100 people, and have a valuation of approximately £40m when he sold his stake. Andrew later became CEO of Blue Oar Plc, where he successfully turned around its UK securities operations and its private client division as well as starting an asset management division. During his period as CEO, Blue Oar Plc made three successful acquisitions.

VSA Capital was acquired in August 2010 as a trading name and Andrew has rebuilt it into a successful Investment Banking and brokerage firm.

Contact Information:
+44 (0) 20 3005 5001