The Board

Executive Directors

Andrew Monk

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Raca

Head of Corporate Finance

Marcia Manarin

Finance Director and Chief Operating Officer
Non-Executive Directors

Mark Steeves

Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Corporate Finance

Simon Barton

Corporate Finance Director

Simba Khatai

Corporate Finance Associate Director

Alex Cabral

Corporate Finance Analyst

Tolgahan Kuce

Corporate Finance Analyst

Thomas Jackson

Corporate Finance Analyst

Equity Sales

David Scriven

Head of Sales

Peter Mattsson

Head of Private Equity


Oliver O’Donnell

Head of Research

Phil Smith

Research Director, Head of Technology and Transitional Energy

Paul Renken

Geologist/Equity Analyst

Fixed Income Asset Management

John Matjilla

Senior Asset Manager

Michael Stannard

Senior Asset Manager

Domenico Landino

Senior Asset Manager

Mining Fund Management

Alison Turner

Head of Mining Fund Management & Investment Advisory


Feizhou Zheng

Chief Executive Officer - China

Tracy Zhang

Senior Manager

John Zhou

Senior Manager

Pengzhi Qiu

Senior Manager